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  • Designers
  • Blogs
  • Start-Ups
  • Photos
screenshot of a website being annotated using good annotations

Make Your Blog Standout

Make your content stand out from the rest. Annotate your screenshots or pictures so your readers get their information faster.

Launch Your Product

Every product has how-to guides, Make it easier for your users by adding simple annotations to your product screenshots.

Annotate Any Photo

Quickly add annotations to any picture or photo you have. Want to point something out? Just annotate it in our online tool.

What Is Image Annotation?

Image annotation lets you label and add additional information, like text, to your pictures. This means you can quickly convey any information you want. Our online tool lets you quickly add text, arrows and much more. Find out how below.

highlighting an area of an image using arrows

Quickly Annotate Images

Whether your annotating images, photos or screenshots do it fast using our online tool.

All Your Tools In One Place

We try and provide all the things you could need for annotating images so that you can highlight areas of your screenshots and point to things in your pictures.

Quick & easy annotations

Draw great looking arrows

Beautiful borders & mockups

Simple but wonderful text

screenshot of the good annotations online tool

Making Good Annotations

Check out what we're working on below in our trello board. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a couple of ways you can upload your image but we do ask that you be on a dekstop or laptop for the best experience.

To upload you can either:
• Click the upload button at the top of the page or
• Drag and drop your image onto our web page
Yes! Website annotations are one of the use cases we try and solve for our users.

All you need do is:

1. Find the screenshot of your website you‘d like to use.
2. Upload your website screenshot to our editor
3. Either create your own annotations or use our pre-built annotations next to your canvas
4. Download and share!

We provide the same quality of image as you upload so you wont get any reduced quality images.
Nope! Good Annotations is a completely free tool.

This may change later but we will have a free version. The free version will always let you annotate images and screenshots. The paid version will be when we build out features to do with collaboration.
Nope! We aim to be a completely online tool that provides your your image annotation needs.

We soon hope to build a screenshot browser plugin so that we can make the flow of screenshot to annotation much much easier for people.
Yes of course you can. If you would prefer to just have a nice looking background for your screenshot you can do just that.

After you have uploaded your screenshot to our editor just follow these steps to remove the screenshot mockup:

1. Click the border to open the border controls
2. click the mockup control button
3. Click the toggle to turn it off

Upload Your Screenshot

Good Annotations is free to get started, just upload your screenshot here and start editing.

Drop your screenshot here, or

Supports PNG & JPEG formats