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Annotate a Wireframe Now
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Discover wireframe tools that will help you create fool-proof wireframe examples. Make your designs feel real and alive straight from the sketch board.


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Wireframe Annotation

Annotate wireframes as you design

Use the best wireframe tools for your future projects. Annotate as you design and leave no room for misunderstanding. Help designers, copywriters, developers, and clients get on the same page with your ideas. Annotate life to your wireframes.

Annotate a Wireframe NowAnnotate a Wireframe Now

ow to Annotate Wireframes in 3 simple steps 

  1. Load the wireframe sketch from your account.
  2. Write a comment, add callus, post-it notes, and pointers.
  3. Share your wireframe with a quick link or a download.

What they say about Good Annotations

You can make screenshots look great in just 2 clicks and you can add helpful annotations too. Useful for giving design feedback or guiding your users. A great tool to keep aside & use regularly


Image annotation apps give you tools for annotating images. Good Annotations gives you a workflow for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots or other images.


Website wireframes are essential business 

Website wireframes are the first step in building a fantastic project. Think of wireframes as a blueprint of a website's layout and functionality. Designers use wireframes to create websites’ look and feel, then developers build the apps and code the functionality. And finally, copywriters and marketeers communicate ideas to the public, trying to captivate consumers’ minds and souls.

Enjoy easy communication with the team

Building awesome stuff is a team effort. Annotating wireframes early on will help you save time, effort and avoid mistakes down the road. Leave comments, pointers, and other annotations on your wireframes. Help your developers understand what they’re building, your UI designers how to make it easy on the eyes, and your copywriter precisely what they need to communicate. Finally, develop great products for users.

Open your wireframe toolbox and start building awesome stuff

Every website that changed your life started off as a wireframe in the mind of an inventor. The initial wireframe came out as a sketch, followed by annotations and further explanations. Don’t miss the essential step in the process of creating greatness. Annotate your designs with the wireframe tools in your account and build awesome projects that can change the world.

Communicate clearly with wireframe annotations 

Load your wireframe from your account on Good Annotations.  Tap in the wireframe tools to include vital details with your design. Leave a comment on design ratios, user journey, and element shapes. Ensure your ideas are easy to grasp for clothes as they are for you. Wireframe toolkit in your account will help you accomplish easy and concise communication. Your wireframe examples feel real, even if they don’t look real just yet.

Annotate reminders for yourself as you move forward

The future, you will appreciate hints and tips in wireframes examples.  Remind yourself why a radio button stands in place of a checkbox and why shadows drop only on the bottom side of your elements. Is there a method to all that madness? Remind yourself with the annotation tools and build wireframe examples that will go beyond any future confusion. Add comments, callouts, labels, and numbers to outline each step of the way as clearly as possible.  

Add the finishing touch with final wireframe annotations 

Most designers annotate in two gears: as they design wireframes and after they finish with their designs. Once your wireframe is all done, dip into the wireframe toolbox once again and leave final comments. The last cut is the most important one. Ensure the wireframe is ready for the next step in the process of building great apps and websites.

Annotate on multiple levels and create client-proof wireframes

Every designer had a runoff with a client after delivering his life’s best wireframes. Clients usually send a list of everything they dislike, and most of the time is the exact same thing they’re asking for. Annotate wireframes on more than one level to create fool-proof wireframe examples that even the copious amounts of misunderstanding can’t run off its course. 

Start today, and touch on every design process from the get-go

Leave comments about dynamic elements and explaining how they move and feel. Add callouts for static fields to say how the user feels when he interacts with static elements. Breathe life to your design with the set of wireframe and design tools that are perfect even for non-designers and complete beginners. 


Do I need to install anything?

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We've worked hard to make our tools & features all online and based within your browser. This means you do not need to install any applications on your laptop or computer.

We thought you might like this as it means we didnt build yet another app you have to install, you can just come back to us when you need us.

We did build a Chrome extension that you can install if you like. It lets you take screenshots in one click.

Is Good Annotations free to use?

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Good Annotations is currently a completely free and online tool. We dont ask for your credit card details or your email address to use our tool!

This may change in the future but don't worry as there will always be a free version of Good Annotations, payments will only be required if you are seeking to use a premium feature we haven't built yet (for example a team account).

If you have any features you think are missing in Good Annotations, feel free to reach out!

Can I upload an image I already have?

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If you have a photo, image or screenshot sitting on your computer you can upload it to Good Annotations through our editor. Its super easy and takes seconds to do.

Once you have uploaded your image you can use any of our online tools to edit or add elements to the image.


Wireframe Annotation