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This free online mockup generator will help you create mobile and website mockups. Mockup Generator is perfect for improving engagement in your marketing strategy and creating a better workflow with your team.


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Mockup Generator

How to present your designs?

Show your users where to click. Explain how to use your app with mockups from the app store. Create killer web presentations. And paint a picture of your success at the next investor meeting. Imagine, design, and share your latest ideas with the world.

Build Your MockupBuild Your Mockup

How to create professional generate mockups in less than 2 minutes

  1. Upload your screenshot or image to our online editor
  2. Select the elements pane and choose the right mockup frame for you
  3. Download or share your generated mockup with a link

What they say about Good Annotations

You can make screenshots look great in just 2 clicks and you can add helpful annotations too. Useful for giving design feedback or guiding your users. A great tool to keep aside & use regularly


Image annotation apps give you tools for annotating images. Good Annotations gives you a workflow for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots or other images.


What are mockups, and do you need one?

Mockups are high-fidelity but often a static representation of your project.

Unlike wireframes and prototypes, mockups are perfect for sharing with everyone that might be interested in your designs. Adding a mockup frame and adjusting it for phone and computer use will help portray your grand vision.

Design terminology is confusing, but asking for someone to build a wireframe when you need a mockup is like asking for water when you’re down for coffee. Both are liquid, but you can’t serve both to everyone. The same way Coffee and water are not the same; mockups, wireframes, and prototypes don’t get the same job done.

Why use mockups?

Mockups are ideal solutions to the early stages of any project. You can share your designs with investors, first users, and your team of developers. Later on, phone and website mockups will help guide your users in app stores and other web platforms. Mockups will carry your project from the starting phase to the end goal.

If you’re building a website, mobile app, web app, or anything that fits a phone or computer screen, you will benefit from a mockup. Create smart mockups with just a few clicks on Good Annotations. The mockup generator delivers an instant model for your designs and helps you share it with others.

1. Mockups are the best way to present raw ideas

Mockups are an essential tool in a well-planned marketing arsenal. Having your mockup photos ready for any occasion will not only save you time, but you’ll always look ready and presentable. Professional developers, designers, and entrepreneurs still have a mockup of their idea on hand.

Place mockups in your business presentations. Add mockups to your advertising campaigns. Blast a mass campaign from your emails. Get users one step closer to your ideas. When you finish your product, take advantage of early mockups to create a story. Conversely, share your new mockups in promotion material. Place images on pamphlets, landing pages, and social media content.

2. App stores and user engagement

Mockups are the first thing your new users see. Image presenting your app leaves an impression before a person even reads the name of your product. The role of good mockups is to satisfy an emotion, pique users, and move them one step forward to trying your app.

Mockups reveal functionality, the look and feel of what’s behind your app’s name. If the mockup doesn’t look right, most users might try to find the same thing elsewhere. Mockup frame will help you set the stage right and help users confirm that your app is exactly what they’re looking for on the app store.

Accent a mockup

What is a mockup generator?

A mockup generator is a browser tool that helps you create product and app mockups independent of other software. Professional software like Lighthouse or Photoshop is expensive, and it requires top-notch computers, which often falls short on delivering a good visual representation of your app. The user has to be a professional trainer to build mockups in software for complex design.

With Good Annotations and the mockup generator tool, you can build your mockups easily and fast. We’ll cover most of the complex designer stuff and bring your one-click solutions for your needs. You don’t have to be a professional designer to deliver stellar models for your products, websites, and mobile apps.

Here’s a one-click solution to build your models with the mockup generator

Install the Chrome screenshot extension. Open your prototype, wireframe, or a working app in the web browser, capture the screen with your new extension, and enjoy instant access to Good Annotations.

Inside the app, locate the Elements tab, and choose your mockup frame. Finally, download your model, or share it with a quick link. You can process your mockup in PDF, JPG, SVG, and PNG, depending on your goals. Choose PDF for more serious communication and JPG for quick social media sharing.

Build Website Mockups

Online v. desktop photo editors

Online tools are available from anywhere at all times, as long as you have an internet connection. Most internet setups are well-equipped to deal with web tools and apps.

Desktop tools are somewhat different, often used to cater to industry professionals who need heavy equipment to deliver on their job. You can hardly find every photo editing feature in our tools, as you can in Photoshop.

However, most users don’t need every feature. If you’re building an app and need a quick mockup, you don’t need the 90GB+ of Photoshop editing features. You don’t care about 3D texture models and animated screens because you don’t need any of it to build stunning mockups.

Desktop editors arrive with another thing to look out for, and that is the price. Adobe Photoshop is expensive. Lightroom costs a pretty buck too. Gimp is not cheap. Maybe you don’t need to pay $300 for a tool desktop photo editor to create mockups. You can make the same models for $8/month using a more specialized online tool.

What the right tool for you? The answer might not be so straightforward.

Other things you don’t have to worry about with online photo editors:

  • Complicated software and installation guides.
  • Free disk space on your device.
  • Accessibility and mobility.
  • Access to the editor.
  • Sharing photos.

However, if you don’t have a good internet connection, online tools might prove to be your Achilles heel. Luckily, internet connection is a given nowadays, and you don’t usually have to worry about having constant access to the internet.

Build Phone Mockups

Mockup Generator Features

Mockup generators will help you realize your vision. You can get from point A to point B quicker when you know exactly how the point B looks like. The right mockup is precisely the point B or even the end goal for your ideas. However, the design terminology is often confused with engineering and developers jargon. Let’s shine some light on the whole mockup process.

1. Wireframe mockups

Wireframes are exactly what the name says. Your app's raw contribution, website, and product is called a wireframe, similar to a real estate construction site. Your fundamentals of building further are here. Wireframe mockups present your vision's functionality, often sporting only a few essential elements, buttons, and space. Wireframe mockup is the first step.

Good Annotations lets you easily create wireframes and share them with your team, freelancers, business partners, and social media followers.

2. Prototype mockups

Prototypes are high-fidelity representations of your ideas. You can proudly present your prototype before you’re ready to launch your project to the markets. Prototypes are often clickable and deliver on your app, website, and product's full look and feel.

You can create mockups with your prototype screens to bring faster communication and spread your ideas faster. Mockup frame will add another layer to the end-feel of the project.

3. Screenshot mockups

Screenshot tools are the fastest way to create tangible models out of your ideas. You can point to a similar project and discover if it looks good with a mobile frame. Maybe your designs would fit better with the web browser layout. Test your ideas with a screenshot mockup, and discover which will help you get the job done right.

4. Phone mockups

You can easily create vivid phone mockups with Good Annotations. The tools will give you everything you need to realize, present, and share your ideas.

Mobile mockups are different because of two key reasons. Apple users and Android users are two types of different people. If you’re appealing to the Apple crowd, your Android mockup might miss the mark. Uploading your Android mockup on the Apple store is no Bueno. However, you don’t have to lose sleep over it. Here’s the easy solution to nailing the difference between iPhone and Android app models.

Log in to your account, and find the phone frame under the elements tab. The mockup will work with both phones and look native to both users — Anorid or iOS people. This is your way to kill two birds with one shot, save time, and focus on the next step on your roadmap.

5. Tablet mockups

Build and deliver working models of your tabled apps. Every app looks different across devices, and your phone mockup might fail to capture the audience looking for an iPad or a Samsung tab app.

Place your designs, and choose the mockup frame. Think of dimensions, and upload a tabled formatted image. Finally, annotate your designs, drive attention to your value proposition, and share your tablet mockup online.

Share mockups online

Discover the Best way to share mockups online

Share your vision with one-click tools. Here’s how you can use the sharing tools to jumpstart your apps and product development.

1. Share app models with a view-only link

Enjoy the benefit of having real mockups without the responsibility of keeping them on a physical storage disk. Share your working model projects, suggest test new features, build wireframes, and deliver your project to a simple hyperlink. The view-only permission guarantees the security of your photos. Nobody can change the appearances of images on your account without your consent. Link-shared mockups are the easiest and the fastest way to test your ideas against the market without investing too much time or capital.

2. How to share mockups directly to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Share your mockups to any social media with a single click on a social media icon. You can easily spread your ideas within your social circles and enjoy instant feedback regarding your work. Click share and discover a quick way to access Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. One-click solutions will save you time.

3. Download your working models to your hard drive

Share your mockups with a physical file from your drive. Send your designs via email or transport them on a flash drive. Keeping a downloaded file is always a good backup. Discover how to transform your mockup to PDF, PNG, JPG, and SVG. Each format can easily be converted and downloaded to your computer.

4. Enjoy Unlimited Shares for free with only a few clicks

Open up an account today. You only need an email, and that’s about it. Upload your work, take screenshots with the chrome extension, and share your designs with anyone as many times as you might need. Unlimited shares and downloads come with all accounts on Good Annotations.

Compress and convert your images

Compress Mockups and reduce the file size

Compress mockups if your designs are too large for optimal sharing. Simply click on the thick compress box before you download your file. The compressed file will travel lightly, and help your increase speed, help your designs reach more devices.

Convert Mockups for any occasion

JPG and PDF are different formats. Each one gets a specific task done better than the other. JPG is perfect for quick sharing, while PDF is designated for professional documents. Build your mockups and convert them to a focus extension. Send PDF to business-related offers, and share JPG with your social media audience.

Build Mockups, enjoy effective communication, and spread your ideas

Good Annotations will help you deliver your prototypes, wireframes, and app mockups with good taste. Enjoy easy access to design tools. Discover unlimited downloads, converters, online photo editors, personal project file, and your unique account.

Find out how to deliver mockups that will bring your ideas into reality.

Create your account today!


Can I upload an image I already have?

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If you have a photo, image or screenshot sitting on your computer you can upload it to Good Annotations through our editor. Its super easy and takes seconds to do.

Once you have uploaded your image you can use any of our online tools to edit or add elements to the image.

Do I need to install anything?

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We've worked hard to make our tools & features all online and based within your browser. This means you do not need to install any applications on your laptop or computer.

We thought you might like this as it means we didnt build yet another app you have to install, you can just come back to us when you need us.

We did build a Chrome extension that you can install if you like. It lets you take screenshots in one click.

Is Good Annotations free to use?

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Good Annotations is currently a completely free and online tool. We dont ask for your credit card details or your email address to use our tool!

This may change in the future but don't worry as there will always be a free version of Good Annotations, payments will only be required if you are seeking to use a premium feature we haven't built yet (for example a team account).

If you have any features you think are missing in Good Annotations, feel free to reach out!


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