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Annotate PDF Now
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Free PDF annotator that will help you write comments, add signatures, highlight important parts, and provide real feedback.


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Annotate PDF

Use PDF Annotator to Edit PDF Documents

PDF is a file format used for professional and business documents. You‘re not impressing anyone with a reusable Word scramble or a JPG image. PDF files add a note of seriousness and professionalism to your images, comments, and feedback. Startup founders, team leaders, school teachers, and productivity gurus all annotate PDF documents to provide valuable feedback and highlight essential points.
Which one are you?

Annotate PDF NowAnnotate PDF Now

How to Annotate PDF files online in 4 steps 

  1. Upload PDF to the online editor.
  2. Choose the right tool from the left-side toolbar. 
  3. Type a comment, add a box for callouts, and draw over the elements.
  4. Once you’re all done, download or directly share your PDF file with a link.

What they say about Good Annotations

You can make screenshots look great in just 2 clicks and you can add helpful annotations too. Useful for giving design feedback or guiding your users. A great tool to keep aside & use regularly


Image annotation apps give you tools for annotating images. Good Annotations gives you a workflow for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots or other images.


Share PDF to look more professional in the workplace

If you’re not particularly computer savvy, writing a text on PDF might be a real issue.
PDF format is notorious for taking away the edit button. You can’t just write anything and share a PDF like it’s a simple Word document. The added note of friction creates a more professional outlook in your workplace and creates that extra points with your boss, team, and the HR people. And if you’re a member of an HR department, then annotating PDFs is essential, as all the good CVs don’t come in other extensions.

Stay organized and take notes on PDF pages

Taking notes on PDF was never an easy task- until just now that is. Choose a page you’d like to add your two cents to and upload it to Good Annotations’ PDF annotator. Focus on your message with easy text tools from our library. Let the technical side and geeky stuff to us! 

Type, draw, label, and add borders to your PDF

The PDF annotator comes with an array of tools that will help you with your task.  Once your file is uploaded, choose the right tool that fits your message. Position your element and fill it up with text, lines, shapes, or even images. If you need more cushion for the pushing, simply choose the background tool and increase padding. Yeah, it’s that easy and fast.

Stay flexible and mobile with your PDF annotator

You only need one software for adding comments to PDF files. That’s right. You can now write on your PDF using a single piece of software that is available on any gadget. You only need an internet browser. Well, having an internet connection helps too. Good Annotations’ PDF tools are completely online and don’t take any disk space to operate at full speed. You can access the PDF annotator from your phone, laptop, PC and you can do all that while enjoying a train ride through the countryside.

Good Annotations is a fully free PDF editor

Write on your pdf files for free. Completely free. That's right, no catch 21, 22, or any catches for that matter. If you click to annotate your PDF file right now, you're no paying a penny for tools. We don't need your credit card data, or any personal data at all. Enjoy easy and fast access to the PDF annotator that will let you add comments, callouts, and other elements to your PDF.

That’s a promise. Now, let’s get you to that PDF editor.


Do I need to install anything?

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We've worked hard to make our tools & features all online and based within your browser. This means you do not need to install any applications on your laptop or computer.

We thought you might like this as it means we didnt build yet another app you have to install, you can just come back to us when you need us.

We did build a Chrome extension that you can install if you like. It lets you take screenshots in one click.

Is Good Annotations free to use?

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Good Annotations is currently a completely free and online tool. We dont ask for your credit card details or your email address to use our tool!

This may change in the future but don't worry as there will always be a free version of Good Annotations, payments will only be required if you are seeking to use a premium feature we haven't built yet (for example a team account).

If you have any features you think are missing in Good Annotations, feel free to reach out!


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