Why is Editing a PDF so Hard, and How to Fix That Once and For All?

PDF files look and feel the same across devices but fall short of simple editing tools.

Why is editing a PDF almost impossible?

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a digital format used primarily for the exchange of professional documents. Adobe developed PDF format as a way to display documents independently from software, hardware, or operating system. 

PDF document is supposed to look and feel the same across all devices. Every headline, pull quote, page number, and the font looks the same on your laptop, phone, and personal computer.

[Each PDF file has a fixed-layout display for text, fonts, vector graphics, and other visual elements.] The extension was standardized as ISO 32000 in 2008, and Adobe no longer charges royalties for reading PDF files.

However, editing PDF’s is another story.

License for Adobe Acrobat, a software developed for editing PDFs, can go north of $200/year.

PDF editing tools are expensive.

Adobe is a Disneyland when it comes to designer’s digital tools. The software is excellent, but you can expect to overpay for every feature. Most users can find better tools elsewhere.

Online tools like Good Annotations are effective and offer more features within the same tool. The added value here is that you can edit, store, and share your PDF files on the cloud for free.

If you want to use these features with Adobe Acrobat, you’d have to upgrade to the most expensive PRO version of the software and pay over $35/month.

For most customers, the value is just not here.

Most users don’t care about the document beyond its content.

PDF is a changing format that is trying to keep up with the times and our digital needs.

  • Newer versions of PDF files fully support vector graphics and similar designs that consist of shapes and lines. 
  • Text is stored and unified as a content stream.
  • Full support of raster graphics for photographs and other types of digital images.
  • Multimedia elements, in form of video, 3D models, animations, etc.
  • PDF supports links, JavaScripts, and similar types of embedded content.

Why exactly can’t we edit a PDF freely?

Portable Document Format contains four base elements that make it unique.

  •  Solid layout graphic generated with PostScript programming language.
  • A font storage system that enables fonts to travel with the documents.
  • A structured storage system that bundles all visual elements into a single file, which is often compressed.
  • Encryption system that creates more friction on the editing side.

PDF is trying to guarantee that your files are going to stay the same across software and devices. 

The flat-view limits what you can easily do with your PDF files.

While PDF is excellent for prints and sharing graphics, it’s often a nightmare for business professionals. 

If you have to sign, edit, and annotate PDF files every day, you’re dealing with increased friction in your workflow. The time and money lost on trying to annotate your documents is frustrating at best.

If your company is not keen on splurging money for your business tools, you might find yourself in trouble. Clients expect prompt delivery, and you’re stuck thinking between a dodgy app, or a few-hundred-bucks hole in your bank account. 

Each industry is losing millions of dollars in revenue over this issue. if you factor in every hour that an employee loses dealing with new web apps, you’re getting a budget disaster.

Most tools are either expensive, dangerous or not up to the standard. 

New PDF tools often disappear shortly after they hit the market.

Good Annotations is a free tool that will help you solve your PDF headache.

Business professionals can quickly upload PDF files, and add text, drawings, borders, digital signatures, and other elements needed to finish the work.

You can easily create the account with a magic link, and start editing in the next few seconds. PDF tools are self-explanatory and easy to use. You don’t have to be a designer, hacker, or an IT professional to find your way around the editor.

The new cloud option gives you up to 5 free projects to work on simultaneously.

If you fill in your project library, you can easily delete the files you no longer need. However, if you’re an enterprise, freelance, or maybe a customer success manager, you might need more space. 

That’s why we’re offering a PRO plan right now that won’t break the bank.

You’re paying to offset our costs of hosting your files, while the tools are provided for free, with a 24h uptime guaranteed. 

The Pro plan includes:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Unlimited Storage & Hosting

That’s unlimited cloud space and access for your business.

You can set up a call with the founder and designers to see how they can help update the tools so it fits your needs better.

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