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an awesome tool kit to Take, edit & share your screenshot

Let’s say you’re looking for a new screenshot tool, what are the kind of things you want from it? You probably want a fast screen capture and maybe the ability to add text. When you’re done with the visuals, you’ll most likely need to share them, whether that’s directly to one person or to a larger community. Make sure the tool kit you choose does all the above while keeping your workflow simple. There’s no need to jump from ap to app to do something as simple as taking, editing and sharing screenshots.

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SCREENShot capture

Take a screenshot to capture what's important

There are 101 reasons why you might want to capture your screen. You probably use screenshots daily with work or in friend chats. You might be showing off a new design you’ve created, asking for feedback, building marketing content or need to highlight a trend in a report. Endless possibilities. Most apps these days are web based, so we figured out screen capture tool should be as well.

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upload a screenshot so you can edit & share

Sometime's you might already have a screenshot sitting on your device that you need to edit and share with friends. It's easy to quickly upload your screenshot and make some quick changes. Maybe you need to highlight something thats important or hide some sensitive information before sending it out. Well with Good Annotations you can do just that and then share it with a link or just download it back to your device.

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Edit your screenshot so that it looks awesome

If you are looking to add some extra information to your screenshot or you need to draw a persons attention to a specific detail you might want to add an arrow or some helpful text. with our online editor you can add shapes, text and nicely designed annotation components in a few simple clicks.

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use mockups to make your screenshot stand out

Mockups make your screenshots look great. they provide a context for your screenshot that allows users to understand the environment and they just look awesome too. We provide multiple devices for you to quickly add a mockup to any screenshot in a couple of clicks.

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Annotate your screenshot to show what's important

Annotations are at the foundations of Good Annotations and it's where started. We wanted it to be easy to make well designed good looking screenshots that have annotations to point out information. Let's be honest you dont wat to free draw something that is being sent to a potential client or user. you want it to look the best it can.

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ADD text to screenshot

add text to create captions in your screenshots

Telling stories is made much easier with screenshots when you add text. If a picture is worth a thousand words then what does that mean if you can actually add text to that picture? Whether your sending a quick note to a client or your creating screenshots for an app store, Good Annotations gives you the tools to add text easily.

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customize your screenshots with a beautiful background

A background to a screenshot can really make your image pop. You can choose between a nice color, a gradient or even an awesome background image. Make you screenshots look like a designer from dribbble has made them.

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share screenshot

share screenshots with a link to save time

Sharing screenshots can be a bit time consuming, especially if you need to send it over a slow network. It can be a pain waiting for that loading icon so don't bother and just send a link which has absolutely no loading time.

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download screenshot

Store your screenshots to Download Later

We realise you might not want to share your screenshot straight away. Either you need to get a few together that make up the whole story or you're just waiting for something. Well with our share links are available whenever you need them, just save it somewhere so you can share it later.

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Chrome screenshot extension

Take & Share Your Screenshots Straight From Chrome

Take screenshots even faster with the Good Annotations, Screenshot Capture extension for Chrome. Take a snap of your current browser tab in just one click.

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