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Give Website Feedback Now
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Capture, receive, and share website feedback online. Support customer success, onboard new team members, and help your developers create stellar websites.


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The best way to make your ideas into reality 

Instantly audit developing websites with online tools. Point to a specific bug, design flaw, and UX issue. Find the common language with the rest of the team, and provide your customers with instant bug resolution. Stay specific and precisely fix issues without losing time on unnecessary distractions.

Give Website Feedback NowGive Website Feedback Now

How to Provide Website Feedback online in 3 easy steps 

  1. Upload your image to the online editor.
  2. Circe, jot, and underline a critical issue.
  3. Share your feedback with one click.

What they say about Good Annotations

You can make screenshots look great in just 2 clicks and you can add helpful annotations too. Useful for giving design feedback or guiding your users. A great tool to keep aside & use regularly


Image annotation apps give you tools for annotating images. Good Annotations gives you a workflow for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots or other images.


Reduce the time needed to identify the issue on your website

Don’t waste time and resources lodging in the dark. Snapping a photo with the chrome browser will help you provide instant feedback. Annotate your image, circle the issue, and share your observations with the developers. Nothing quite explains things as annotated images. Cut back on time and frustrations that naturally come with building a website.

Deliver real-time reports during the website development process

Launching a website is hard. Bugs, design flaws, and broken links will plague your process when creating a user-friendly space on the internet. You might feel like you’re never going to get to the finish line and see that website go live. If you’re ever going to see that project online, you have to hit the nail on the head. Staying specific is your best way out. Observe the developing website, annotate images, and share your thoughts with the team. Then, ask for feedback and let your awesome team members point to specific trouble plaguing your website launch.

Capture the core issues of your online business

Customer complaints are a good way to dissect the issues of your website. This review will help you build, change, and fix troublesome web services. However, most customers won’t leave you with direct and negative feedback. Making a formal complaint is uncomfortable.  Roughly 1 in 26 unsatisfied customers won’t ever complain, according to Esteban Kolsky. Most people will leave on the first sign of trouble and then tell their social circles about the bad experience. You can help mitigate customer dissatisfaction and provide an easy way for them to leave a complaint. Share Good Annotations’ screenshots and design tools on your website, and let your customers provide crucial feedback with annotated images.

Leave project updates and signal the next task with images

Capture your website and circle the critical feature you’ve just fixed. Your image will instantly create a project update and signal the next step to the rest of the team. Two team members working on the same task is a waste of resources most startups can’t afford. Make sure you’re always effectively tackling each next update.

Onboard new team members with a quick website rundown

Take screenshots and annotate sensitive features with Good Annotations. Provide images to new members of the team and get them up to speed. Cut back on the process of getting everyone on board with the workload. Enjoy quick and effective behind the scenes team communication. Your users will never know just how much it takes to create a smooth website experience, but your team won’t forget it.

Support customer success and avoid long meetings

Image is worth a thousand words. Annotated image a thousand more, but full-on screenshot audit with text and sharing capabilities will save you from a long meeting with a customer. Show don’t tell never been faster, easier, or more on point. Help your customers enjoy your product’s full benefit. Create stellar websites from user reports provided with a little help from Good Annotations.

Create instant website feedback with a Chrome extension

Install the Chrome extension. The one-click tool will help you capture the screen, add text, shapes, and borders to the screenshot and share it with a simple link. The person on the other side, can easily add comments and respond to your feedback. Enjoy the unique synergy that comes with quick and effective web tools. Cut back on dead-ends in the web development process and create stellar websites.


Can I upload an image I already have?

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If you have a photo, image or screenshot sitting on your computer you can upload it to Good Annotations through our editor. Its super easy and takes seconds to do.

Once you have uploaded your image you can use any of our online tools to edit or add elements to the image.

Do I need to install anything?

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We've worked hard to make our tools & features all online and based within your browser. This means you do not need to install any applications on your laptop or computer.

We thought you might like this as it means we didnt build yet another app you have to install, you can just come back to us when you need us.

We did build a Chrome extension that you can install if you like. It lets you take screenshots in one click.

Is Good Annotations free to use?

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Good Annotations is currently a completely free and online tool. We dont ask for your credit card details or your email address to use our tool!

This may change in the future but don't worry as there will always be a free version of Good Annotations, payments will only be required if you are seeking to use a premium feature we haven't built yet (for example a team account).

If you have any features you think are missing in Good Annotations, feel free to reach out!


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