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Reach more people with SEO. Share your professional opinion and position brands on top of any search result. Take screenshots, annotate content, share research, and deliver valuable suggestions from your account.


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Create an organic traffic driver for your website

Organic growth means that your business is legit. SEO is the legit validation of any website. Google changes algorithms daily. You can’t just stuff a bunch of keywords and propel a web property on the top page. Search Engines create a service for users, helping them reach the most relevant content. Here’s the tool to audit and build stellar SEO strategy and win search engine results.

Audit Website NowAudit Website Now

How to visually audit SEO for any website in 3 easy steps 

  1. Upload the screenshot to the online editor.
  2. Point to design flaws, text breaks, and unnecessary elements.
  3. Share and receive SEO audits with a simple link.

What they say about Good Annotations

You can make screenshots look great in just 2 clicks and you can add helpful annotations too. Useful for giving design feedback or guiding your users. A great tool to keep aside & use regularly


Image annotation apps give you tools for annotating images. Good Annotations gives you a workflow for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots or other images.


Build websites for people, not machines

Google ignores 91% of total web content. Websites built exclusively for SEO underperform once they come in contact with search engines. Think of Google and Bing as big libraries that continuously change to bring the best user experience. You can game the distribution system for a minute, but the very next day, your ideas may fall into obscurity. Most websites never reach more than a few eyeballs. Google, Bing, and other big search engines compete for customers and their attention, not your products. Your best bet is creating a good and enjoyable experience for users that frequent your website. Deliver value upfront. Discover the best tools, and fill in the easy SEO audit checklist to propel your work and ideas. 

Ubersuggest, Moz, and keyword planners are outdated 

SEO is not keyword stuffing, contrary to popular belief. Maybe, SEO wizards could throw a bunch of keywords on a website in 2007 and get picked up by Google. But nobody wants that, and Google knows it. The company reported 3,000 updates for its search algorithm in 2018, compared to 500 in 2009. One thing is sure. You can’t game SEO growth anymore. And why would anyone? Build a website for your audience instead of hacking Google. Create quality content, and deliver top-notch designs that flow smoothly with the user experience. Instead of hacking growth, create a real traffic driver with the help of a visual audit.

Deliver relevant SEO audits 10x faster with this new technique

SEO audits used to be technical and would last for months. You can enjoy a faster process and build your SERP presence in hours instead of months. Log in to your account, and explore new SEO tools. Supplement your previous technical findings with the visual perspective of how others see your website. Share your research and findings for cooperative work that will propel your client’s business and your projects. Strike a conversation in the comment under each audit, and dive deep into the SEO experience with each season.

Report website and SEO bugs with just a few clicks

Install Google Chrome to propel your efforts and save on time. Capture your website and log-in to your account with only a click to jot, square, and cross the alarming elements. Add callouts, labels, and notes to elaborate on your findings, and share the audit with your team and clients. Building great websites takes iteration. Your account on Good Annotations will speed up the time for each audit and help you avoid ambiguity.

Propose easy-to-follow solutions to your team

Visual SEO audits will help you avoid unnecessary setbacks. You can cut back on technical jargon and include non-SEO-wizards to join the SEO conversation. Circle, label, and point to apparent flaws, then build a solution template that is easy to follow and avoids confusion. Discover easy tools that will help you pull more organic traffic from search engines. Send a link to your team, and enjoy collaborative SEO audit sessions.

SEO tools for everyone, anywhere and anytime

You don’t have to be a marketeer, designer, or an MIT graduate to connect with your audience. Good Annotations help non-designers audit future projects, and non-marketers dive deep into SEO audits. UX designers, programmers, and the internet ethos can build their ideas with readily available Saas tools that will help you deliver immense value, stay relevant, and save on time.

Quick SEO audit checklist for any website

Don’t obsess over choosing keywords and repeating them until you puncture the keyboard. Keep in mind the upcoming Google updates, and stay on top of your search results. Focus on UX and UI to keep all the elements proportionally for both desktop and mobile pages. Ensure your URL directs are safe and SEO friendly. If you discover a bad redirect, capture the screen and circle the security warning before sharing it with your clients. Audit both clients’ websites and personal projects and keep the files available in your account for future work and reference.


Can I upload an image I already have?

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If you have a photo, image or screenshot sitting on your computer you can upload it to Good Annotations through our editor. Its super easy and takes seconds to do.

Once you have uploaded your image you can use any of our online tools to edit or add elements to the image.

Do I need to install anything?

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We've worked hard to make our tools & features all online and based within your browser. This means you do not need to install any applications on your laptop or computer.

We thought you might like this as it means we didnt build yet another app you have to install, you can just come back to us when you need us.

We did build a Chrome extension that you can install if you like. It lets you take screenshots in one click.

Is Good Annotations free to use?

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Good Annotations is currently a completely free and online tool. We dont ask for your credit card details or your email address to use our tool!

This may change in the future but don't worry as there will always be a free version of Good Annotations, payments will only be required if you are seeking to use a premium feature we haven't built yet (for example a team account).

If you have any features you think are missing in Good Annotations, feel free to reach out!


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